Accelerated expansion of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ganjiang New Area

On February 28th, the projects of Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Jiangxi Research and Production Base, Yangzhou Zhongbao Pharmaceutical Innovative Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Production Base, and Shanghai Yuanzan Life High end Medical Device Intelligent Manufacturing Base were simultaneously established in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation City, accelerating the expansion of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ganjiang New Area.

The three biopharmaceutical companies that signed the contract on the same day have outstanding leadership, innovation, and growth potential: the establishment of Yangzhou Zhongbao Pharmaceutical fills the gap in the production line of Jiangxi's original Class 1.1 small molecule innovative drugs and plastic injection; The entry of Shanghai Yuanzan Life has ushered in a new era of research and production of quantitative and precise medical testing products in Jiangxi Province, building a highly integrated and automated "unmanned black light testing laboratory"; As a listed pharmaceutical enterprise, Hunan Fangsheng will quickly improve the quantity and quality of traditional Chinese medicine varieties in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

The entry of three enterprises will trigger the 'fission effect' of the biopharmaceutical industry cluster in Ganjiang New Area. The main person in charge of Ganjiang New Area introduced that these projects not only have a large scale, but also aim at the future development of the biopharmaceutical industry, representing the future development direction and technological progress direction of the biopharmaceutical industry. They will provide solid support for promoting the optimization and upgrading of the biopharmaceutical industry structure and extending the industrial chain in Ganjiang New Area.

Biomedical industry is a sunrise industry and also a key advantageous industry to be cultivated in Ganjiang New Area. At present, Ganjiang New Area has begun to take shape in the whole industrial chain integrating planting, processing, manufacturing, research and development, sales, health care and equipment manufacturing. It has not only gathered 24 innovation platforms led by Ganjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation Center, Chinese Medicine Health Industry Research Institute of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center, but also introduced a batch of leading pharmaceutical enterprises such as China Resources Jiangzhong Modern Chinese Medicine Production Base, Forming a leading position in quantity and a head effect in quality. Despite the tightening of the overall environment last year, the output value of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ganjiang New Area has maintained a double-digit growth rate.

Whether Ganjiang New Area can continue to layout with a long-term strategic perspective determines the effectiveness of the stable and high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ganjiang New Area, as well as the speed of high-quality development. It also determines the advancement and retreat of Ganjiang New Area in the competition for excellence. Since the beginning of this year, Ganjiang New Area has increased its efforts in attracting investment, focusing on energy, gathering resources, integrating policies, and focusing on chain owners with core technologies, as well as enterprises with industrial needs and development potential, to launch continuous attacks.

What is lacking in the biopharmaceutical industry in Ganjiang New Area, we will attract what is needed. Once we firmly grasp it, we will spare no effort to accompany the company to grow together. Our goal is only to accelerate our progress towards the mid to high end of the value chain and accumulate new potential for high-quality development, "said the relevant person in charge of Ganjiang New Area.

At present, focusing on the key links of expanding, supplementing, and strengthening the chain, Ganjiang New Area has drawn a map of the biopharmaceutical industry, established a chain master enterprise database, improved the full chain, full cycle, and three-dimensional investment promotion mechanism that integrates strategy and recruitment, shares project circulation, optimizes factor allocation, and solves problems in a timely manner. It has expanded the comprehensive effect of attracting investment, talent, and technology, and formed a joint investment attraction force. At the same time, stimulate the vitality of the investment team, optimize and strengthen the professional investment team, and establish a "horse racing" drying mechanism; Optimize the promotion system for major investment projects, improve the assessment and supervision mechanism for investment promotion work, and supervise the implementation of major investment projects quickly and effectively.

We will place the project in Ganjiang New Area not only because of its compatibility with the industrial development plan of Ganjiang New Area, but also because we are optimistic about the future development of Ganjiang New Area, "said Peng Dezhen, Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Yuanzan Life Science Co., Ltd. (All media reporter Yang Jing)

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