The development of new material industry is in the ascendant, and Hunan aims at a revenue of 800billion yuan

On June 25, the Hunan new material industry chain development conference hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of industry and information technology revealed that the revenue target of Hunan new material industry during the "14th five year plan" was to exceed 800 billion yuan, and a number of leading enterprises and parks launched an offensive to compete for the upper reaches.

The industrial scale ranks in the forefront of the country, and the subdivisions have Hunan characteristics

One of every four running cars on the street uses Hunan Xiangjiang paint. As the largest manufacturer of automotive coatings (OEM) in China, Hunan Xiangjiang coating Group Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 180000 tons of waterborne automotive coatings and 60000 tons of resin. In 2020, it became the only Chinese enterprise to enter the top 20 global industrial coatings.

The advanced carbon matrix composites have been successfully introduced into high-end markets such as Japan, South Korea and Norway. The production capacity of Hunan Jinbo Carbon Co., Ltd., an enterprise specializing in Texin "little giant", can exceed 2800 tons / year by the end of 2022, and speed up the building of a "China Carbon Valley" with an industrial scale of 100billion yuan and a market value in Yiyang high tech Zone.

"Hunan's new material industry has a good momentum of development, and its industrial scale ranks in the forefront of the country. It has become an important gathering place for the development of new material industry in the country, and has formed Hunan's characteristics and advantages in many sub sectors." At the Hunan new material industry chain development conference, Zhang Zhiping, deputy director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, introduced.

In recent years, Hunan has continued to promote the development of the new material industry at a high level, defining seven distinctive new material industry chains, including advanced steel materials, advanced energy storage materials, power batteries, carbon based materials, and advanced chemical materials, and promoting cluster development through contact with provincial leaders. In 2021, the new material enterprises included in the statistics in the province achieved a full-scale operating income of 661.5 billion yuan, and the growth rate of added value reached 14.4%.

Hunan's advanced steel materials, such as shipbuilding plates, offshore platform steel, and extreme thin wear-resistant steel, occupy the first place in the domestic market, while cemented carbide materials occupy half of the country. The advanced energy storage material industry takes the lead in the fields of cathode materials and precursors, and the advantages of lithium polymer, caprolactam, polymer composites and other new chemical material products are outstanding. Breakthroughs have been made in large aircraft landing systems, equipment large-size alloy materials, high-performance silicon carbide fibers, polyimide film materials, etc., and they have entered the industrialization process.

At the scene of the conference, the Hunan new material enterprise information platform created by Hunan new material industry association was put into operation. Through the establishment of new material enterprise information database, efforts should be made to solve the problems of information asymmetry and transaction circulation difficulties in industrial development.

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