Development status of plastic additives and functional masterbatch industry

In recent years, China's plastic industry has shown a significant trend of industrial agglomeration and development, with a rapid increase in the number of large-scale enterprises. The industrial structure is gradually adjusting towards scale and intensification. The industry of plastic additives is also adjusting towards scale and intensification, which is particularly evident in the areas of plasticizers, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, and processing aids.

At the plastic industry summit forum, Gong Liucheng, Vice Chairman and Senior Engineer of the Plastic Additives Special Committee of the China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, gave a detailed explanation on the current development status of the plastic additives and functional masterbatch industry. Professor Gong pointed out that we should accelerate the pace of technological innovation and actively develop plastic additive products that are "green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and efficient". Professor Gong discussed the following topics: plasticizers, flame retardants (bromine flame retardants, organophosphorus flame retardants, organosilicon flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants), heat stabilizers (rare earth composite stabilizers, metal soap calcium/zinc composite heat stabilizers, organic tin stabilizers, rare earth composite heat stabilizers, hydrotalcite heat stabilizers), impact modifiers and processing aids, foaming agents, lubricants, antioxidants, light stabilizers, nucleators, antistatic agent A comprehensive explanation was given on plastic additives such as crosslinking agents, antibacterial agents, biocides, mold inhibitors, dripping agents, anti fogging agents, and acid removers. In terms of functional masterbatches, Professor Gong also introduced the composition, classification, product performance, and application instructions of functional masterbatches. Mainly including filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, etc.

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